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In this state, school principals must demonstrate high levels of competence in a host of areas embodying both the theoretical and the practical aspects of school leadership. Principals must devise and employ sophisticated systems targeted at school improvement in general and student achievement in particular.

It is with these goals in mind that this tool for evaluating principals has been created. Tied closely to Minnesota’s competencies, this system is designed to provide district administrators with the means to assess principal performance and to enhance professional growth. Superintendents and school principals will find in our 5-Step Process, a format for principal evaluation framed around simplicity and continuous quality improvement.

To answer some of your questions regarding our PrinEval-MN products, we’ve put together a short PowerPoint presentation, as well as product overview and 5-Step Evaluation Process videos. Click on the button to take a look.

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The PrinEval-MN System, which includes the PrinEval-MN Survey, is a comprehensive and user-friendly approach to principal evaluation. The product includes an online evaluation system that takes users on a step-by-step journey through the evaluation process. PrinEval-MN supplies agendas for meetings and prompts for user interaction. It provides for the easy collection of data used to support the final review. PrinEval-MN allows for the efficient generation of both Professional Growth Plans and Evaluation Summaries.

Key Features:

  • PrinEval-MN Survey
  • Agendas for interaction
  • Self-evaluation
  • Evidence collection
  • Generation of Evaluation Summary
  • Generation of Professional Growth Plan
  • Analysis reports
  • Summary reports

 Price: $375

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