PrinEval-MN Product Overview & Instructions

The 10-minute Overview video you will find below can be used for basic training purposes and it also provides a quick look at principal evaluation completed in accordance with best practices. PrinEval received a major upgrade of the PrinEval system made over the summer of 2015; this video shows the new interface.
Existing users should be able to navigate our new PrinEval interface with ease for it is far more intuitive than ever before. Simply log on and take the software for a “ride.” You can’t “hurt” anything along the way.
Potential purchasers of the product should find, through this short video, that the software is both comprehensive in its approach and easy to use. It will facilitate a high quality evaluation and lead to the development of a strong Professional Growth Plan.
Contact me (Greg) directly at 320-247-3739 or at if I can be of service. You can also contact us if you have any questions regarding PrinEval.

PrinEval-MN “System” Product Overview Video (10 minutes)